first living coffin

Become part of the loop community and order the Loop Living Cocoon right now! 


Become one with nature and let your body be a source for new life


Mycelium is the world's best recycler, transforming dead organic matter into key nutrients for new nature to grow.

100% Nature

Our Loop Living Cocoon is a living product, grown from mycelium: the underground fungal network of mushrooms.

Increasing biodiversity

Let your very own nutrients become a source for new seedlings to thrive.

Living material

Groundwater re-activates the mycelium, letting it become one with nature again within 45 days.


The Cocoon is 100% natural and Cradle2Cradle Gold and Greenleave certified. The wooden handles can be removed before burial.


A warm embrace of mother nature

The inside of the coffin is filled with a soft bed of moss, that not only feels good but also contributes to the composting process.  

Naturally grown

In only 7 days and without the use of heat, electricity or light, the Living Cocoon is grown with only local materials.


Become a source for new life to thrive


The Living Cocoon is now available. Find out what the possibilities are.