The Loop Living Cocoon is the world's first living coffin. Pre-order now to get one of the first 100 living coffins of the world! With your help we can start restoring nature and let everyone become part of the cycle-of-life. Certified 'Cradel2Cradle Gold' and 'GreenLeave approved'.


About the 'First 100' pre-sales

The 'First 100' will enable us to kickstart our mission, scale-up production and serve the world. These first 100 living coffins are grown in the coming months. Buying one now will guarantee that you will get one of the first 100 living coffins of the world!


Partners / companies

The 'First 100' presale is ideal for funeral homes and entrepreneurs that want to be one of the first to have the Loop Living Coffin in their portfolio. Become part of the movement.

Reach out to us via to discuss your options!


Consumers (Voucher or self storage)

Do you want to support us but do you still have a lot of wonderful years ahead of you? The 'First 100' presale enables you to pre-order a Loop Living Coffin right now so you don't have to worry about a coffin anymore for the rest of your life. You or you loved ones can use this voucher when you actually need it (hopefully in the far future).

Living in the Benelux and need a coffin now? We might have one of the First 100 ready for you so reach out to us at to see what's possible!


There are various ways to get your living cocoon!

  • Pick up (or Ex works) - You are able to pickup your product on conventient moment at our facilities in the Netherlands (South-Holland & Brabant) or USA (California), or you can arrange transport yourself. We will reach out to you after your sale. 
  • Shipping - Choose one of the shipment options for your specific area. We'll reach out to you for further details about the progress, expected date of finishing the growth of your Loop Living Cocoon and the optional delivery details.
  • Voucher - Pre-order a Loop Living Cocoon now and use the voucher when you or your loved ones actually need it (hopefully in the far future).


Time of delivery

We have already started growing the first living coffins. Depending on your location and order volume we can determine your shipping date. We’ll reach out to you for further details about your order and expected delivery / finishing of the growth.

Loop Living Cocoon (€1495,- incl. VAT)

    • Made from mycelium, the underground fungal network
    • Passively grown without artificial light or energy
    • Lightweight yet strong enough to carry over 200kgs
    • Living organism: every coffin is unique and might vary in color, texture and dimensions
    • Outer dimensions ~ l. 207 x w. 65 cm x h. 50 cm
    • Cradle2Cradle Gold certified
    • GreenLeave certified

    Visit the product page for more information about the Loop Living Coffin. Or reach out to us!

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