The Loop Living Cocoon is the world's first living coffin. You can order a voucher now, to become part of the Loop community and support us in growing our living coffins! With your help we can restore nature and let everyone become part of the cycle-of-life. Certified 'Cradle2Cradle Gold' and 'GreenLeave approved'.


The voucher is for everybody that wants to support us, but still has many wonderful years ahead in life! By ordering a voucher now, you don't have to worry about a coffin anymore for the rest of your life. When needed, you or your loved ones can use this voucher to order the actual Loop Living Cocoon (hopefully in the far future).


Partners / companies

Are you an undertaker and do you want to have the Loop Living Cocoon in your portfolio? Reach out to us via to discuss your options!



The shipping costs are not included in the price. Choose the 'Voucher for later' of €0,- as delivery option upon checkout, this will be calculated when the actual coffin is ordered in the future!

Voucher Loop Living Cocoon

  • Made from mycelium, the underground fungal network
  • Passively grown without artificial light or energy
  • Lightweight yet strong enough to carry over 200kg
  • Living organism: every coffin is unique and might vary in color, texture and dimensions
  • Outer dimensions ~ l. 207 x w. 65 cm x h. 50 cm
  • Cradle2Cradle Gold certified
  • GreenLeave certified

Visit the 'Product' or 'FAQ' pages for more information about the Loop Living Coffin. Or reach out to us at!

Loop Biotech 

We're located at YES!Delft Incubator:

Molengraaffsingel 12,

2629 JD Delft, The Netherlands


Phone: +31 6 21361671

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